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Use of the heritage

Gusеv S., Zаgorulko А. 

Thе divеrsity of thе sitеs (plаcеs of mеmory) of Russiа. Pаrt 1: Cеntrаl Fеdеrаl District of thе Russiаn Fеdеrаtion 

Nelzina O. 

Using the historical and cultural potential of the territory in organizing thematic historical parks of the value-semantic matrix of Russia: external actors of destruction

Underwater cultural heritage

Vedernikov Yu. 

Submarine No. 2: history of creation and loss, prospects of acquisition

Aleksakhina V.

Museum of the History of the Russian Submarine Forces named after A.I. Marinesco and its role in the socio-cultural space of the Kalinin district of St. Petersburg

Russian foreign heritage

Elchaninov A. 

Miklouho-Maclay and Russian place names on the map of Papua New Guinea

Historical Research

Petrova El. 

Soviet constructivism 

Applied Research

Mulenko I.

On the role of decoration in the attribution of bronze bells of Russian production

Selezneva El.

 Innovative competencies in educational strategies to improve professional skills


Samover N.

‘Difficult’ heritage as the World Heritage: Russia in the context of international experience

Abstract. The article is devoted to the concept of 'difficult', or 'traumatic' heritage as immovable cultural heritage (based on the methodology of trauma stadies) and the analysis of the practice of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee on the inclusion of such objects on the World Heritage List. The author states that there are already enough opportunities for the full integration of the traumatic heritage into the World. In particular, the initiative is considered to include in the World Heritage List a number of Russian sites related to the history of Soviet totalitarianism: the Canal imeni Moskvy, the Levashov Memorial Cemetery, the Butovo Test Site and the 'Perm-36' Museum.

Key words: UNESCO, World cultural heritage, difficult heritage, traumatic heritage, trauma stadies, totalitarianism, historical memory

Samover Natalia Vladimirovna,
Sakharov Center (Moscow),
e-mail: natalia.samover@gmail.com

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2018/3(14)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/248.html


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


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