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Cultural Policy

Aristarkhov V.

Universal values and the conflict
of civilizations

Volobuev S.

One step forward, two steps back? On the problems of scientific, methodological and educational support for the course “Foundations of Russian statehood»

Basic Research

Stepanov P.

Law, morality and religion
in the structure of social regulation
Part 1

Historical Research

Kazanskaya K.

Innovation in the costumes of the «Russian Seasons» in the Russian ballet on the European stage
in the first half of the 20th century

Applied Research

Pleschenko V.

Disclosure of the budget and personal finance topics in the works of A.N. Ostrovsky

Skorokhod A.

Study of five printed sheets
of the unique botanical Atlas «Hortus Eystettensis» (1713-1750) in the Scientific Expertise Department
of the State Research Institute for Restoration


Izbachkov Yu., Rybak K.

About one little-known fact from
the fate of Plyushkin’s collection

Snegovskaya E.

To the problem of Zaporozhye region’ cultural tourism development: a brief concept of “Shore of the Azov Sea” integrated museum

Publ. 04/05/2024


Stepanov P.

Law, morality and religion in the structure of social regulation
Part 1

Abstract. The article discusses models of regulation of social relations throughout the development of society. Traditional, humanistic, positivist models of social regulation are analyzed, attention is focused on the features of social regulation in the modern world-system. Based on the results of the study, proposals were made in relation to the Russian system of social regulation, the further development of which should be built based on the traditional values of Russian society, which will ensure the self-sufficiency and balance of this system. Law, morality and religion should be perceived as values, the preservation of which does not antagonize, but rather contributes to the further development of Russian civilization. Policy should guide, but not replace other social regulators. The implementation of political strategies should be carried out taking into account the existing system of social regulators, preventing their profanation for the sake of achieving momentary political decisions.

Key words: social regulators, political strategies, traditional values, law, morality, religion.

Stepanov Pavel Vladimirovich
PhD of Law,
Actual State Councilor of 1st Class (Moscow)

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2024/2(37)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/658.html


Likhachev Russian Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage


Likhachev Russian Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage


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