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Basic researches

Sharipov A. 

Feeder roots and blooming crown. State to ensure continuity of social and cultural space of the nation as a rod forming a historical perspective of civilization (in the context of the ideas of Ivana Ilina and Aleksandra Panarina)

Kislyakov P.A., Shmeleva E.A. 

Orthodoxy is the path to spiritual safety of the Russian people

Historical Research

Zhitenev S. 

Civilizational presence of Russia in the world: the 135th anniversary of the beginning of the activities of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society in the Russian Empire and the Middle East

Rybak K. 

Neutrality of cultural properties and cultural institutions (Roerich pact: history and destinies)

Intangible cultural heritage

Bespalova T. 

Mechanisms of preservation / reproduction of the intangible cultural heritage: Russian songs for example

Gnatovskaya A. 

Actualization of Russian folklore values in children and youth environment: the problem of authenticity

Use of the heritage

Sviridova O.

Tourist components and some problems of implementation of the projects of thematic and national parks, museums, recreational and educational complex in the regions of Russia



Sharipov A.

Feeder roots and blooming crown

The article discusses the tendency of returning to the classical understanding of culture in Russia as the sphere of harmonization of a person which is reflected in «The Foundations of State Cultural Policy» of 2014. The main responsibility of the state as the highest form of self-organization of the nation is to create and to protect favorable conditions for the creative self-development of the nation and forming fundamental principle of the nation, i.e. a free highly cultured personality. Some theoretical bases of the development program of polyphony of the resurgent Russian culture have been laid by the works of Russian scientists of the XXth century and first of all by Ivan Ilyin.

Key words: cultural policy, tradition, culture, consumer society, Ivan Ilyin, Alexander Panarin, state

Sharipov Alexander Mikhailovich,
PhD in History,
Co-chairman of the International Ilyin Committee (Moscow),
member of the Russian Union of Writers.

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2017/2(9)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/140.html


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


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date: 17.12.2014


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