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Basic researches

Vafa A. 

Some theoretical problems of cultural inheritance (Part 1)


Samover N.

‘Difficult’ heritage as the World Heritage: Russia in the context of international experience

Applied Research

Mozgovoy S.

Some experience of study of military history and maritime heritage 249

Okorokov A., Egorov Yu.

Localization of the location of the ancient settlement Korokondama 250

Use of the heritage

Ryabov S. 

International co-operation of the Heritage Institute with the Norwegian institutions in the study and preservation of cultural and natural heritage: history and today 251

Anniversary of the Heritage Institute

Zakunov Yu. 

Inheritance of cultural and civilizational values: about the new content of research in Heritage Institute 252

Elchaninov A.

The scientific mapping of cultural and natural heritage of Russia: the 25th anniversary of the Heritage Institute 253


Otto V.

Development of cultural and educational tourism in Russia: problems and solutions

Abstract. Cultural and informative tourism is the most popular and perspective of all types of tourism of the 21st century, using achievements of last years, he helps to establish mutual understanding between people, cultivates respect for variety of cultures and increases the intellectual and spiritual level of the population. In article the analysis of problems of internal tourism in modern Russia is carried out and ways of his improvement are planned. For an analysis basis, information on sales volumes and formation of an internal tourist's product from travel agency is taken, tour operators and consumer ability and needs of tourists. The accurate structure of problems in development of cultural and informative tourism allows to see all shortcomings and to pick up ways to their decision.

Key words: cultural and informative tourism in Russia, problems and solutions, an internal tourist's product, internal tourism, entrance tourism, patriotism, free excursions, the museums, the budget of the country, school students, students, Russia, tourism

Otto Victoria Arturovna,
Moscow Pedagogical State University (Moscow),
general director of the tourist agency 'Victory-tour',
е-mail: victory_tour@mail.ru

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2018/1(12)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/187.html


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


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