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Basic Research

Gusev S., Zagorulko A.

Archaeological heritage in sites (places of interest): introduction to problem

Historical Research

Lariontsev M.

Bulgarian archive of academician Dmitry Likhachev

Applied Research

Kashina E., Okorokov A. 

Fossilized dugouts from Liskinskiy district, Voronezh region

Teplyakov V. 

Fin and ship remains on the coast of Novaya Zemlya

Heritage preservation problems

Karmov T., Butorin D.

International organizations in the sphere of preservation of the World Cultural Heritage in the context of armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic in the years 2011-2017

Use of the heritage

Отто V.

Travel business in Russia under the threat, difficulties of outgoing tourism, closing of “Polar Tour” company for example


Resolution of the round table «The reconstruction of traditional shipbuilding and shipping in Russia» (Moscow, 2019, Feb. 19)


Leksin V.

Russian civilization and Russian people

Abstract. Some results of studying the Russian civilization – a unique systems-component of civilizational conglomerate of Russia – are represented. Space reduction of this civilization, “national suicide” of the Russians, weakening of the Russian civilization Orthodox principles, absence of the “Russian problem” in the state policy and its revealing in the status of Russian language are shown. These are symptoms of the deepest civilizational crisis during the whole history of Russian civilization, and its overcoming is possible just on condition of realizing this fact by Russian people itself.

Key words: Russian civilization, Russian people, the Orthodoxy, Russian language, civilizational crisis.

Leksin Vladimir Nikolayevich,
Institute of Systems Analysis (Moscow)

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2018/2(13)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/219.html


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


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