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Historical Research

Okorokov A. 

Traditional shipbuilding as part of the cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia

Zhitenev S.

The Russian Empire in the Middle East in the 1st half of the 19th century: diplomacy, religion, and pilgrimage

Use of the heritage

Putrik Yu.

Cultural values become more accessible thanks to social tourism

cultural heritage

Romanova D. 

Inheritance of family values in the process of preserving intangible cultural heritage

Underwater cultural heritage

Levashko B., Vedernikov Yu. 

Medieval anchors of the Japanese (Eastern) Sea


Kazarina N. 

Pottery in the Balakhna district of the Nizhny Novgorod province (Based on materials from the stock collection of the Nizhny Novgorod State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve

Local studies

Alexandrova O., Kostrov O. 

Flat-bottomed boats of the Upper Vetluga


DOI 10.34685/HI.2020.13.93.004

Filippov Yu., Somov V.

Falsification of history as a threat to national security

Abstract. In the context of the international situation, the falsification of history should be viewed as a threat to national security. The possibility of countering the falsification of history with the help of administrative coercion is absent. The only way to solve the problem is to increase the authority of history as a science. Respect for one’s own history is possible only by increasing the authority of historians. The fight against plagiarism, the low level of scientific work, interest, first of all, in studying the history of Russia – these are the main directions of the necessary development of modern historical thought from the point of view of national security.

Achieving success in these areas without the support of the state is difficult. The social status of the historian must correspond to the level of the state’s claims to historical sovereignty. Only by creating favorable (including economic and domestic) working conditions of the scientific historical community, the state will be able to achieve the desired result – preserving traditional spiritual and moral values and countering the falsification of history.

Key words: russian history, education and upbringing, national security.

Filippov Yuri Vladimirovich,
D. in Pedagogy,
general director, Nizhny Novgorod State Historical and Architectural
museum reserve (Nizhny Novgorod),
e-mail: rurik_fil@mail.ru

Somov Vladimir Aleksandrovich,
D. in History,
Volga branch of the Russian State University of Justice (Nizhny Novgorod),
e-mail: somoff33@yandex.ru

Published: The Heritage Institute Journal, 2020/2(21)

URL: http://nasledie-journal.ru/en/journals/366.html


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


Russian Scientific Research
Institute for Cultural
and Natural Heritage
named after D.Likhachev


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